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Midsummer Madness #144


released November 25, 2016

Produzido, gravado, mixado e masterizado por Bruno Faleiro e Matheus Fleming, em nossas casas, em Belo Horizonte-MG, entre 23 de julho e 17 de outubro de 2016.

Todas as músicas por Bruno Faleiro, exceto "White People Problems", por Bruno Faleiro e Marco Túlio Ulhôa.


João Carvalho (eletrônicos em John Young Parkway, Trailer Park Boys e White People Problems).

Marco Túlio Ulhôa (guitarra em White People Problems e trompete em Avery Rd).

Matheus Fleming (baterias, guitarras e eletrônicos).


Capa: Marina Faleiro
Projeto gráfico: Vinícius Raposo.



all rights reserved


SciFi MG, Brazil


Midsummer Madness #144

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Track Name: Avery Rd


Bruno Faleiro – Guitarras e baixo
Matheus Fleming – Bateria e guitarras
Marco Túlio Ulhôa – Trompete
Track Name: John Young Parkway
In a freeway at the rush hour
Side by side with carpools

No turning back, no outside thoughts
It’s all downhill from here
K2 Spice, mexican food
In 12 more hours we wore in

Seeking sounds and seeking dreams
A 3 minute lucid dream

Driving fast in reverse
Running over (neighbours) gardens
Dont ask how we’ve made it,
It’s all downhill from here

Don’t even think about to sleep
24h lucid dream


Bruno Faleiro – Guitarras, baixos e vocais
Matheus Fleming – Bateria, percussão e guitarras
João Carvalho – Eletrônicos
Track Name: Trailer Park Boys
Are we going to a new stage?
Or returning to where we’ve been before?

I carry the world upon my shoulders
And what do the world gives me back?

How many times you wondered
These days could be our lives

And then i think about when it started
I’m surprised it has gone way too far

And why is it so hard?
Why is it so hard?


Bruno Faleiro – Guitarras, baixo, vocais
Matheus Fleming – Bateria e percussão
João Carvalho – Backing vocals
Track Name: May 26
After get our van and begin to live those insanity days some awkward thing happened

I neeeded to pick-up my bass and a friend came with me

At the metro we sat close to a strange creature, in yellow clothes, chewing something like a ping pong ball

We pulled out on the wrong station and caught the next train. Ironically, that strange guy was there again, starin at us

We began to feel disturbed by his presence, but in a few moments we were at the streets, obsviously lost: a new place, a new country...

Then we’ve found our way and he was there again

Better run? Start a fight?

Fortunately, it was the last time we saw that kind of new and old person at the same time

I just caught myself thinking about the life of this of these men, cosumed by drugs, alcohol, insanity or loneliness, but nevermind...

It’s only a randon memory that appears sometimes (in my head)

Here it comes, as it goes


Bruno Faleiro – Guitarras, baixo e vocais
Matheus Fleming – Bateria
Track Name: Man Ray

Bruno Faleiro – Guitarras
Matheus Fleming – Guitarras
Track Name: White People Problems


Bruno Faleiro – Guitarras, baixos, eletrônicos
Matheus Fleming – Bateria, sintetizador
Marco Túlio Ulhôa – Guitarras
João Carvalho – Eletrônicos